How to find the right divorce attorney

How do you find the right divorce attorney to help you with your divorce? Hiring the right person is one of the most important decisions in divorce. NOT hiring an attorney might be the best solution. If you’re not fighting for child custody or being taken advantage of, hire me, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). I’m specially trained to handle the financial side of divorce. I can work with you very affordably and help you decide what works for you as a family.

Why you should hire a CDFA as a financial neutral instead

Avoid a lot of time, emotional anguish and high legal fees. Most divorces end up in mediation, but only after a lot of money has been spent. Instead, mediate in the beginning and get on with your life. The Right Divorce Solution is to hire me to help you settle the financial aspects of divorce so you can avoid going to court and save a lot of money.

How Mary Salisbury, CDFA, can help you

I will analyze your assets, debts, income and budget and calculate child support and alimony. I will show you the long term financial implications of your settlement and then an attorney can draw up the legal documents. You will save a lot of money, form a base for working together as co-parents and get on with your life.