The Right Divorce Academy

We offer courses that will help you understand the process of divorce and ultimately will help you make an informed decision during this process.

Hiring And Working With An Attorney

Although the mission of The Right Divorce Solution is to help people settle their divorce without an attorney, many people are more comfortable hiring an attorney or their circumstances warrant hiring an attorney. I am often asked “How do I find an attorney?” A better question is “How do I find the right attorney that will represent my interests and who is qualified based on the specific needs of me and my family?”

Following the tips in this course will leave you informed, empowered and will save you money. You are sure to have a better outcome!

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  • Class #1 - Why Hiring The Right Attorney Is Crucial To A Good Outcome - (04:33)
  • Class #2 - What To Look For When Searching For An Attorney - (05:00)
  • Class #3 - How To Go About Looking For An Attorney - (02:18)
  • Class #4 - Researching On The Internet For An Attorney - (03:06)
  • Class #5 - How Attorneys Bill For Their Time (And How To Save Legal Fees) - (04:56)
  • Class #6 - The Initial Consultation (And For Some, The Importance Of Getting More Than One) - (01:50)
  • Class #7 - Questions To Ask And How To Prepare For Your Initial Consultation - (14:08)
  • Class #8 - Managing Your Attorney - (06:55)
  • Class #9 - Paying For Your Divorce - (03:18)
Quick Highlights:
  • How to search online for a qualified attorney
  • Preparing for the important initial consultation
  • How to save money working with an attorney

Different Methods Of Divorce

The knee jerk reaction when one is facing divorce has been for each spouse to go out and hire an attorney. With the exception of child custody, divorce is actually a financial settlement yet this country and the family law court has turned divorce into an adversarial process that pits one spouse against the other. You are suing your spouse! There are better ways if that can be avoided. Attitudes are changing and people are realizing they don’t want an expensive and adversarial divorce yet they aren’t familiar with the alternatives.

In this course I will teach you the pros and cons of the following methods of divorce so you can decide which method best suits your needs.

Video Classes Buy Course $180 $60

  • Introduction - An Overview Of The Course And Classes - (02:35)
  • Class #1 - Hiring An Attorney The Pros - (06:49)
  • Class #2 - Hiring An Attorney The Cons - (05:17)
  • Class #3 - Hiring A Mediator The Pros - (05:46)
  • Class #4 - Hiring A Mediator The Cons - (02:50)
  • Class #5 - Hiring A Certified Divorce Financial Planner (Cdfa) The Pros - (07:18)
  • Class #6 - Hiring A Certified Divorce Financial Planner (Cdfa) The Cons - (01:31)
  • Class #7 - Collaborative Divorce The Pros - (04:29)
  • Class #8 - Collaborative Divorce The Cons - (02:27)
  • Class #9 - Doing It Yourself (Or “Pro Se”) - (03:26)
Quick Highlights:
  • Pros and cons of hiring an attorney
  • What each method really entails
  • The general cost difference between each method

Planning For Your Divorce

If you are thinking about divorce, you or your spouse have threatened divorce, or you and your spouse have already had the “divorce talk”, I know that you are going through one of the most emotionally troubling and scary times of your life. It’s hard to think straight with all that worry about you, your children and your future. What you do before you start the divorce process will have a huge impact on your outcome.

This video has valuable information for anyone heading for divorce but it is particular valuable for you if you have not been involved in the family finances and are in the dark about where you stand financially. Even worse, you may not have access to your financial documents. Unfortunately, this applies to many women who have trusted their financial future to their husband and whose future is now threatened.

Video Classes Buy Course $180 $60

  • Introduction - An Overview Of The Course And Classes - (01:34)
  • Class #1 - Should You Divorce? - (04:25)
  • Class #2 - How State Divorce Laws Differ - (06:17)
  • Class #3 - What If Your Spouse Is Cheating? - (02:19)
  • Class #4 - Why You Need To Gather Financial Documents - (09:05)
  • Class #5 - Documentation You Need To Create A Financial Inventory - (08:58)
  • Class #6 - Other Steps To Prepare For Divorce - (04:54)
  • Class #7 - Begin Building A Wall Of Separation - (02:22)
Quick Highlights:
  • How starting a divorce differs depending on your state
  • What documents you need to gather and how to do that
  • Other steps you need to take to prepare