If you have never mediated before, the process is not obvious. These are the highlights about the process:

  1. Working with a The Right Divorce Solution, LLC is a voluntary process where the parties work toward reaching a financial settlement in an informed and cooperative manner.
    The nature of mediation is to put control back in your hands. Nothing can be imposed on you. Parties negotiate their own voluntary agreement.

  2. Mediation is forward looking and thus fault, blame or revenge are set aside in favor of expressing your wants, reasons and feelings. An atmosphere of mutual respect should prevail, free from interrupting, criticizing, intimidating or threatening.

  3. Parties agree to fully and honestly disclose all information including income, assets and liabilities.

  4. When Mary Salisbury acts as mediator, she does so as an impartial, neutral third party whose role is to facilitate the parties to explore options and obtain information so they can reach an informed, workable agreement. The mediator does not act as a legal representative for either side and does not provide legal advice.

  5. Communications made, materials created for or used during mediation cannot later be used in court and parties agree not to call the mediator to testify in court.